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【School Dormitory】
Located in various places in Tokyo easy access to the school
Breakfast and supper are provided. ¥53,000 + ¥5,250 for electricity + telephone bill

【Features of Dormitory】

Expenses 91 days or more 90 days or less
Entrance fee ¥53,000 ¥0
Room cleaning charge ¥15,000 ¥0
Building maintenance fee
( for 1 year )
¥3,000 ¥0
Rent for 1 month (※1)¥53,000 (※2)¥75,000
Total ¥124,000 ¥75,000

※1 Rent need to be paid in advance.
※2 Including electricity bills


【Other Guest houses and Weekly mansions】

  Guest House apartments
for rent
Weekly Mansion



Tokyo Room Finder



TEL: 03-3866-0139
Email : info@homestay-in-japan.com

Resident Registration

Those who have received a resident card at a port of entry/departure are asked to visit the municipal office where they live with their resident card, and notify the Ministry of Justice where they live within 14 days of finding a place to settle down.

Ward offices

The list of where many of our students are living in. In some wards, there are branch offices. However, you need to visit the Ward offices to apply for the alien registration certificate. Also, some of the branch offices do not handle those services for Alien registrations, please make it sure before you visit there. 。

National Health Insurance

If you stay in Japan for more that 1 year you need to get National health insurance. Students who have no income in Japan can get a discount. National Health insurance does not cover dental work. National Health insurance covers 70% of the costs hospital visits and you need to pay the remaining 30% of the price.
You can apply for foreign registration and National health insurance at the same time. If you do not apply for foreign registration you can not get national health insurance. The price of national health insurance depends on the area you live, but generally it is ¥1.500 per a month.

*Student Insurance
Our school provides all students with student insurance. This covers injuries due to accidents (excluding existing illnesses you got in your own country)
Students pay for insurance. If something happens, the student pays the hospital fees and brings the receipt to school. The school will then refund the money to the student. Do not forget to get a receipt from the hospital.
⇒Link to the hospitals information

How to open an account

Necessary items
  1.An identification with your photo and address on it
  2.Stamp (People from no-name stamp-culture countries can replace it with your signature)


Constraints based on the period of stay

Period of stay 6 months or more Less than 6 months
Type of account Savings account Non-Resident account
Cash card
Wire transfer


I think the cost of daily necessities in Japan is known as a little high price. Please have a look at trhe table below for reference.

(Based on 2022.  research)

Fare to Tokyo area from Airports.

(Based on 2012. January research)


Student’s cost of living
Student A China・male
School Dormitory (single room)
Ayase station School commuting time 50 min
House rent ¥58,000 
Transportation expenses ¥8,500 
Food expenses ¥10,000 
Heating and lighting
included in 
house rent 
Mobile phone expenses ¥980 
Others ¥0 
Total ¥77,480 
※Breakfast and dinner served
  Student B Vietnam・female
Raise House (share house)
Nishiwaseda station School commuting time 40 min
House rent ¥30,000 
Transportation expenses ¥7,000 
Food expenses ¥20,000 
Heating and lighting
Mobile phone expenses ¥10,000 
Others ¥10,000 
Total ¥87,000 
Student C Korea・female
Private dorm (Room-share)
Kanda station School commuting time 30 min
House rent ¥50,000 
Transportation expenses ¥7,000 
Food expenses ¥20,000 
Heating and lighting
Mobile phone expenses ¥6,000 
Others ¥0 
Total ¥95,000 
  Student D China・male
SAKURA house (share house)
Meiji-jingumae station School commuting time 10 min
House rent ¥53,000 
Transportation expenses ¥0 
Food expenses ¥20,000 
Heating and lighting
included in 
house rent 
Mobile phone expenses ¥6,000 
Others ¥10,000 
Total ¥79,000 

(Based on 2012. February research)


【Convenient transportation cards (PASMO・SUICA)】
PASMO and SUICA are convenient cards which you can use them not only at the subway ticket gates but the convenience stores and vending machines.
It will cost you ¥500 as a deposit but it can be refunded when you return it.

【When subway delayed (How to get a delay certificate)】
When the train is delayed from accidents and it makes you late for school, you need to get a delay certificate from the station. If you transfer trains on your way to the school, you need to get the delay certificate from the very line where the delay occurred.

When you buy a bicycle, you need to register a Bike registry. You can go to bicycle shops for Registration and Changing registered materials.

Necessary items

Four Safety Codes for Riding Bicycles




Part-time jobs

The purpose of ‘Student visa’ is for studying in Japan. Therefore to get a part-time job, you need to apply for a
‘permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted’, so called ‘work permission’. You can go to the Immigration Bureau to apply for it but we can do it on behalf of you. You can work 28 hours a week.
※Necessary documents: Alien Registration Card, Passport
For more information, please have a look at the website of the Immigration Bureau.

 Application for permission to engage in activity other than that permitted under the status of residence previously granted



Domestic postcards: ¥63~
Domestic mails(ordinary envelope): ¥84~
International air mails(ordinary envelope): ¥90~
For details, please have a kook at the website of Japan post service. (Japanese only)

【Search the nearest post office】
You can easily search the nearest post office. (Japanese only)

 ⇒Start searching

【Undeliverable Item Notice】
If there’s a registered mail or an EMS delivery while you’re not at home, the mailman puts ‘Undeliverable Item Notice’ into your post box.

If you find a notice like above, choose one of followings to get it redelivered. If you don’t apply for it within a given period, the item will be sent back or destroyed.

※There’s a phone number written at the bottom of the notice which you can talk in English.



To buy a cellphone in Japan, you need alien registration card, passport, National Health Insurance card, student ID card and so on. It is different from the companies.
There are telecommunications companies such as docomo, au by KDDI and SoftBank. Monthly minimum charge is approx ¥980 averagely. For further information, please have a look at the each site.

【Pre paid cellphones】
You can use a cellphone just buying a cellphone for pre-paid type and charge it. I dare say that it is the best decision for a short stay.



Advisory service

You can ask inquiries and advises on problems of daily life and emergency numbers. You can get assistance by English, Chinese and Korean languages.


平日9:00から17:00 英・中・韓・越 対応可


Foreign Residents’ Advisory Center of Tokyo Metropolitan Government
English   ・Chinese   ・Korean



Hospitals and clinics

When you need medical treatment, please bring your National Health Insurance card.
Hospitals and clinics where you can receive treatment with various languages.
 You can search many hospitals and clinics which you can receive treatment with your mother tongue on  following website, HIMAWARI - Tokyo Metropolitan Health and Medical Information Center.
 ・Search by English
 ・Search by Japanese


Clinics around the school

Lost articles

If you lost something at the train or the subway, you can visit station office to tell about it. In other cases, you need to go to a police box to report. If your lost articles are found, they will contact you.

When you lost your keys

Week-days 9:00~17:30 (English / 中文 / 한국어 / tiếng Việt)