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Official title  Aoyama International Co., Ltd (Aoyama International Education Institute)
Established in  July 12, 1988
Principal  Makoto Murakami
Located in  (Main) Aoyama Center Building 3F, 3-8-40 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan 107-0062  

   Japanese Center  (Main) 03-3403-3186
   Language Center  03-3403-1901
 E-mail    Japanese Center   :  info@aoyama-international.com
   Language Center        :  info-language@aoyama-international.com
FAX   (Main) 03-3403-1815 
(A member of The Association for the Promotion of Japanese Language Education/proxy visa application authorized by the Ministry of Justice)
・To spread Japanese language to across the world
・To educate accurate Japanese as an international language
・To nurture a capable future generation that would take an active part of globalization.

 The world has become one under the wording of globalization, and all the countries are coexisting with one another, by respecting each other’s culture, economy, politics and religions.
 To understand other people, we need language to communicate. Therefore so that it be an efficient means, we believe that our goal is to spread the Japanese language to all over the world.

Japanese language to all over the world

Talented people take an active part in the age of peaceful coexistence

Correct Japanese language Japanese as an international language

Privacy Policy
Aoyama International Education Institute protects all the personal information from current students,
graduates, and guarantors/expense supporters, and all school staff in our school confidentially as well.
At the same time, we strictly manage the information based on the contents that state below.

1. Definition of Personal Information

"Personal information" is the information regards to any living individual,
in which meaning that a specific individual can be identified by a description such as a name,
date of birth, address, telephone number, etc.
Or, case such as information that combines with another individual in which more than one person including self.

2. Purpose

We will use the personal information we have received for inquiries,
admission applications, etc. to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use listed below.

(1) Response based on the inquiries

(2) Procedures for admission, entry, and residence, etc.

(3) Student card and school certificates

(4) Class management, school registration, results management

(5) Attendance, grades, life counseling with guarantors, expense supporters, relatives in Japan, etc.

(6) Student life support
(non-qualification activities, medical checkups and ways of uses for student dormitory management, etc.)

(7) School enrollment or information about employment/career

(8) Course counseling after graduation or plan after graduation

(9) Tuition information management, account information management

(10) Insurance enrollment procedure, interaction with the agency

(11) Scholarship application procedures, report from issuance agency

(12) Case analysis and marketing for service improvement

(13) Use in public media
(school public information videos, HP, etc.)

(14) Report to relevant ministries and agencies
(including the Association for Promotion of Japanese Language Education)

We will require prior consent in which contact in advance
when using personal information for any purpose other than the mention above.
3. Personal Reference/ Change / Elimination

Any individual must provide reasonable reasons if requesting to alter his or her own references,
yet the alterations would not affect their study abroad life.

4. Provision & Disclosure of Personal Information

We will not provide or disclose any confidential information to any third party, except for the following.

(1) In the case of laws and regulations

(2) In the case that if necessary, for mentally or physically protections or any other consent of the person

(3) Agreement with the individual

(4) The contract that will be made in advance in which personal information
will not be used for any services our school has commissioned.

(5) It is necessary to cooperate with the local organizations or
authorities to carry out the affairs that prescribed by the law.
Also, by obtaining the consent of the individual even with problems contained.

(6) In the case where the individual has been notified in advance
to provide his or her information to the third party

5. Management of Personal Information

Aoyama International Education Institute takes appropriate measures
and preventions against unauthorized access to personal information,
loss, falsification, and leakage from the unknown.
Legal action takes an important role in regards to an accident of the unlikely event, etc.

6. Remarks (others)

The Privacy Policy may be revised.
The revisions will be published on the school website.
(Publication date: May 13, 2019)

■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ CONTACT US ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Aoyama International Education Institute

TEL 03-3403-3186 / MAIL 

# #
I think you have various desires and purposes for the future. Our students who come over to Japan to learn also have their own desires and purposes. Most of them like to go up to such advanced education as universities, postgraduate course and professional opportunity. Some students want to master the Japanese language as interpreters or for other jobs when they return to their the home country.

 Also, it is necessary for you to improve your Japanese language skills to understand Japanese people and culture since language is always connected with now people express their lives. It's our great pleasure to give you the correct information of the Japanese language and culture. Therefore, we expect to receive new students as diligent as the graduates who are now active in many business fields or the students now in this school.

事務所名 住所 連絡先
〒200062上海市中山北路3553号伸大厦603室  TEL

JPTIP 台北市中正區館前路8號9樓 (+886)-2-2331-1008

東禾日本語学校 台中市西區中興街183號8樓 (+886)-4-2301-6326

早稲田日本語センター 台南市民權路二段174号 TEL

SHIN EDUCATION 九龍尖沙咀北京道71-77號誠信大廈 4棲403室 TEL

時事日本語学院 〒110-111

江南区駅三洞826-28 5階

韓国留学開発院 ソウル特別市 瑞草区 江南大路381

いちばん留学 〒06141

NHK留学院 〒 06616 
ソウル特別市 瑞草区 瑞雲路160, 806号

早稲田留学院 ソウル本社:
〒 04543 
大邱市中区東城路1ギル72殷石ビル 4F  

あいのり留学院 〒110-122




釜山時事日本語学院 〒614-030
Ichiban Japanese Language Center 9 Soi 9 Sirimangkalajan Rd., Suthep, Mueang, CHIANGMAI 50200 TEL

JEDUCATION 287 Liberty Square Fl.,23 Room 2303 Silom Road Bangrak Bangkok 10500  TEL
JCS Language School 318/5 Latkrabang-Onnut RD. Latkrabang Bankok 10520 TEL


青山国際教育学院ハノイ事務所 Room 1309, 13 floor CMC Tower, Duy Tan street, Dich Vong Hau Ward, Cau Giay district, Ha noi TEL
Jellyfish Education Philippines Unit 902A Philippine Stock Exchange Center East Tower Exchange Road, Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605 TEL
Davao del Sur Institute of Languages and Technological College, Inc.
Roxas Extension, Brgy. Zone 3, Digos City, 8002 Davao del Sur,Philippines TEL
(+63) 82 227 7697
東京都新宿区西新宿7-4-7 イマス浜田ビル 5F


School Guidance for Best Results

If you have any questions or problems you can consult with your teacher directly. For students who need help with preparations for examinations or subjects such as English, Mathematics, Science, and other Comprehensive subjects, we have classes to meet your needs.
Every year, over 90% of our students enter National universities and well established private universities. About 70% of our students get more than 300 points on EJU (examination for Japanese university admission) and pass 1-st and 2-nd level of the JLPT (Japanese language proficiency test).

See this page for more details.


Elective Lesson

A side from regular classes, we like to offer you chaces to experience things that you can only do in Japan. This is the motto of our school. In our Elective Lessons, students have opportunity to experience various different aspects of Japanese culture and language.

See this page for more details.

Learn Japanese Language with a Purpose

Students have the opportunity to study Japanese language that serves their individual needs and purposes in a special class. We want to help you to achieve your future goals.
・ I want to enter a Japanese university! → Cram School Classes
・ I want to enter a graduate school! → Graduate School Classes
・ I want to work in a Japanese company! → Business Classes
・ I want to take what I am interested in → Elective Lessons

Meeting with Japanese people

Our school holds an event to meet with Japanese university students, and Japanese who are learning Chinese and Korean languages. Students have the opportunity to use the Japanese they learned in their class and talk with native speakers.

Various Events

There are lots of school events that take place inside and outside of the school. Students wear yukata (Japanese summer wear), listening in comic story teller, go on bus trips and visit Disney Land. We want to you enjoy Japanese culture while in Japan and we want you to make many good memories during your study abroad.

See this page for more details.

Scholarship System

The scholarship system exempts tuition to student whose grades, attitude and attendance are outstanding. There are also various financial support for students.

See this page for more details.

Tokyo Central Area

Our school is located in the center of Tokyo close to Harajuku and Shibuya. It is a very stylish area with many world brand shops. You can also visit Meiji shrine and Yoyogi park that are located in the vicinity. Even though it's downtown, there are lots of greens where you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere of Tokyo.

See this page for more details.


Our staff can speak English, Korean and Chinese. So, if you have any questions regarding your life in Japan or visa, please don't hesitate to talk with our teachers or staff at school. We want to make your life in Japan enjoyable.
See this page for more details.


Four Term System

There are four terms in our school; spring, summer, autumn and winter. You can start your study at any of the four terms. At the end of each term, we hold an examination. Teachers place the students into different classes based on their Japanese level.



Our school was established in 1988 and became a member of the Japanese Language Education Association.
Since 1991 all of our students have obtained visas to come to Japan with the help of our school.

The school administers a survey to students at the end of each semester.  (From the October 2022 semester survey)
   ・I received high quality lessons. 
 ・The advice about finding a job was helpful.
 ・Thank you for teaching me about life and Japanese culture.
 ・The chat room was also interesting.
 ・The teacher was serious, responsible, and understood my ideas about my future. She gave good advice.
 ・I became good at listening to Japanese. I am happy. But I am not good at speaking yet, so I will work harder.
 ・All of the teachers are serious, hardworking, enthusiastic, and have a lot of experience. My Japanese is getting better and better.
 ・I enjoyed my classes this semester. The teachers were good people. I learned a lot of things.
 ・My Japanese is still poor, but the teachers' passionate guidance was helpful.
 ・I understand more of the language when I walk around town.
 ・Good school atmosphere.
 ・I learned about the Japanese position. It was really interesting.
  (From the October 2022 semester survey)


Week-days 9:00~17:30 (English / 中文 / 한국어 / tiếng Việt)