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What are the class hours?

The morning classes begin at 9:00 am, include three ten-minute breaks, and will conclude at 12:30 pm. The afternoon classes begin at 13:00 am, include three ten-minute breaks, and will conclude at 16:30 pm. The lesson hour is 45 minutes each. You can not choose the class hour which you like to take – For it depends on your Japanese level. Students of advanced to intermediate level are morning classes and of pre-intermediate to elementary level are afternoon classes.

How do you decide the students’ class?

You will take a level test at the orientation. Your Japanese skill will be judged with deliberation and then you will be placed a proper class. If you want to study at the class for entering upon studies, you need to take an entry test for it based on EJU and JLPT.

I am nervous that I don’t know anything about Japanese language.

You will be fine. There’re classes which you can learn from Hiragana and Katakana. If you have problems with keeping up with the class, the teacher will give you separeed attention until you can. (It is necessary for students from some countries must submit certificate of JLPT N5, Jtest grade E-F, NAT-TEST grade 4 (or more) or equivalent to it when you apply for the student visa.

Can you help me to enter upon studies?

Yes. There are ‘Cram school’ classes and ‘Graduate school’ classes. Many of our students go upon studies every year. If you want to enter a vocational school or a junior college, you can study in a Regular classesand the teachers support you individually so you don’t have to worry about it.
There also are special lessons for EJU and entrance examinations such as ‘Japanese as a foreign language’, ‘English’, ‘Mathematics’ and ‘Japan and the World’.
Please have a look at this link for further information.

What kinds of events are there I can enjoy?

There are a welcome party for the freshmen to the Tokyo Disney Resort, excursions to Mother farm or other places, a Christmas party and a speech contest every year. There are events that you can experience Japanese culture such as Star festival(Tanabata Maturi) and Rakugo. There are cultural exchanges with Japanese University students regularly.

I cannot speak Japanese well. What should I do if I need help?

The school has staff who speak English, Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.
Please feel free to consult with us if you have any problems.
For those from other countries, alumni will provide support.
Of course, the teacher is one of the most reassuring allies.

Do you offer any type of accommodation?

There are international student dormitories which offer breakfast and dinner.
If you’re interested in living in dormitory, please send an e-mail or give us a call. 
Please have a look at this link for dormitory information.

Is there any scholarship I can get from the school?

Yes there is. There are not only scholarships from our school but from other foundations. link to Admissions Information.

It's my first time in Japan and there's no one that I know so I'm a bit worried about it. Rules and manners in Japan must be different from my country...

There are staffs who can speak English, Chinese and Korean so you can get help from them. Even if you are from other countries, there are many of our graduates from various countries you can get help from. In the beginning of the semester, there is an orientation about life in Japan so you don't have to worry about anything. 
link to About Life in Japan

Is it easy to get a part-time job?

Yes. There are many places you can work at around the school. However, you need to get a permit from Japanese Immigration Bureau.
link to Working Permit information.

How would you describe life in Japan feels like?

For people who want to know more information about life in Japan,
“The Study Abroad Manual” shows diverse experience in Japan in which
also includes emergency contact if need.


Other Language)
Japanese / English / Chinese / Korean / Vietnamese / Thai / Nepali /
Burmese/Indonesian / Malay / Mongolian / Bengali / French / Portuguese / Russian

You should read the rules and manners of your country before you come to Japan.
(The school distributes at the time of admission.)

For how long I can study in Japan?

If you just want to study Japanese language, the answer is 2 years maximum.

I was worrying because I have no guarantor in Japan.

One of your parents can be your guarantor. It is necessary to have enough money in his or her bank account, to pay for your living expenses and tuition fees.

I'm a high school student. Am I able to enroll your school?

You can apply for the 3-month short term course if you can visit Japan with a tourist visa. However, to apply for the long term course, you need to be graduated from a high school or equivalent to it