The school administers a survey to students at the end of each semester.
   ・I received high quality lessons. 
 ・The advice about finding a job was helpful.
 ・Thank you for teaching me about life and Japanese culture.
 ・The chat room was also interesting.
 ・The teacher was serious, responsible, and understood my ideas about my future. She gave good advice.
 ・I became good at listening to Japanese. I am happy. But I am not good at speaking yet, so I will work harder.
 ・All of the teachers are serious, hardworking, enthusiastic, and have a lot of experience. My Japanese is getting better and better.
 ・I enjoyed my classes this semester. The teachers were good people. I learned a lot of things.
 ・My Japanese is still poor, but the teachers' passionate guidance was helpful.
 ・I understand more of the language when I walk around town.
 ・Good school atmosphere.
 ・I learned about the Japanese position. It was really interesting.
(From the October 2022 semester survey)